** Book Review ** ON MY KNEES by Meredith Wild

On My Knees

3 1/2 STARS!

An emotionally wrenching book!  There’s a backstory of unforgotten love that is reintroducing into the present again, but there’s so much more going on in addition.  She’s a broken person who tries to piece herself back together little by little by blindly stumbling through life and using alcohol to numb the despair to a point that she can shove herself through it.  On one hand you feel really sorry for her, and on the other hand you are cringing at every turn when she’s pushing him away and wishing you could scream at her to stop derailing her chance at a happily ever after!  I enjoyed the book, but I also felt angry at her a good bit … she’s definitely hard to love!

Maya Jacobs regrets the decision she made 5 years ago with every bone in her body, and she became a shell of herself because of her hatred for herself and her heartache at what she threw away.  She numbs herself my partying long and hard just to make it through life and through the stress of her emotionally draining job.  When the past walks in front of her one day, she doesn’t know how to deal with it!

Cameron Bridge has spent the last 5 years living for the Army and putting himself out there as much as possible to try to forget what could have been.  He has finally come back from overseas and settled into life in New York City and thinks he’s fairly happy … until his sister runs into Maya and tells him she saw her.  He tries to pretend it doesn’t mean anything to him, but he can’t resist going to see her for himself.

Can there ever be a way to go back?  They’ve spent 5 years going through the misery they felt over losing the other one, and soon after spending time together now, have to admit they never stopped loving each other.  They are both different people, but especially Maya.  Can they find their way back to what they were and have that future together in the end?

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