Book Review – ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN – Andrea Laurence



The 3rd book in the Brides and Belles series was hard to put down!   The characters are adorable together and light quite a spark!

Gretchen McAlister works hard to make things beautiful as part owner of a wedding planning business, but the shy, awkward woman doesn’t see the beauty in herself.

Julian Cooper is a famous, sought-after bachelor who is best man in one of the weddings Gretchen is helping plan.  When his Manager pulls some strings and makes them an offer they can’t refuse, Gretchen’s business partners volunteer her to “pretend” to be Julian’s current flame at the wedding festivities.

Julian gets a kick out of how shy Gretchen is, and sets in to make her more comfortable around him and people in general.  During all of their acting, true feelings start to emerge.  Can there ever be a future for these two people from different worlds?

**  Received free in a contest/giveaway  **

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