** Book Review ** ONE WEEK WITH THE FRENCH TYCOON by Christy McKellen

One Week with the French Tycoon


A sweet story about accepting love when it crosses your path, even if you’re not ready for it!

Indigo Hughes puts helping others in front of her own needs a lot, so when she’s at a point in life where she could use a distraction and a break, she decides a trip away is just what she needs!

Julien Moreaux is newly divorced and arrives at the Amalfi Coast at the same time as Indigo.  A mix-up has them forced into each other’s company for a night and then they each set off on their adventures.

Even though Julien wants to be alone with his thoughts, they seem to run into each other every time he turns around … and he actually starts to like it!  Will Indigo be the breathe of fresh air that he didn’t know he even needed?


**  Received free in exchange for an honest review – Author  **

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