** Book Review ** PERFECT RIVALS… by Amy Ruttan



In this fourth book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic series, it’s Amy Ruttan’s turn to weave her magic and make us fall in love with Doctors Flo and Nate as they embark on their journey.  I haven’t adored a Harlequin Medical Romance this much in a long time.  These characters have a magical charisma that makes you smile and secretly root for them from the first chapter.  I highly recommend you indulge yourself with this book!

Dr. Flo Chiu is the head of the transplant team at The Hollywood Hills Clinic and is the lead doctor when a huge movie star is brought in needing treatment.  When she’s stopped from treating him while his own doctor flies in from Manhattan, she just knows they are going to clash heads.  And what a fun time they have of it!

Dr. Nate King is a guarded man who does everything by the book and doesn’t take chances. He enjoys bantering with Flo, but could never take risks like she wants to do.  When the press surrounding their patient catches them in a surprise kiss, they have to pretend to be in a relationship to save the reputation of the clinic.  How will things play out when they start to fall in love for real??

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The Hollywood Hills Clinic #4
Amy Ruttan
Harlequin Medical Romance
May 2016

A match made in Hollywood! 

When a movie star is rushed to the Hollywood Hills Clinic, Dr. Flo Chiu immediately clashes with arrogant New York doctor Nate King. But an unexpected kiss creates a media storm, and the two rivals are forced to pretend they’re the perfect couple!

Only, Flo, with a kidney transplant behind her, is determined to live life to the full, while Nate has learned the hard way never to take risks. Now they face the greatest risk of all—falling in love for real!


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