BOOK REVIEW – Persuasion – Violetta Rand



My first foray into the Motorcycle Club novel explosion.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did get on the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon, so I recognized a lot of the terminology.  I really enjoyed it!  Lang is HOT!  Lily is a good girl, but can’t resist sexy, dirty-talking Lang.  I’m excited to read the next one!  Super sexy read!

Lang Anderson was born into, and lives and breathes the Sons of Odin Motorcycle Club.  Recent corruption has thrust him into the President position, and he’s hell bent to get to the bottom of who is breaking the laws of his club.  He’s had nothing but turmoil in his life in the last few months.  He’s struggling trying to raise his 3 little sisters, and doesn’t need any more distraction in his life right now.

Tell that to Lilliana Gallo who takes his breath away the first time he sees her in a bar.  When he has to step in to protect her from a couple of guys, he can’t resist inviting her to have a drink with him.  She’s new to town and can’t believe she’s attracted to such a bad boy.

Lily turns out to be the new high school guidance counselor assigned to help his older sister.  Once they are brought back into each other’s lives again, they stop fighting the attraction and decide to date.  Will Lily be able to live with his tough life and the things he won’t be able to tell her about?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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