** Book Review ** POSSESSION by Violetta Rand



This steamy novel is Book 2 in the Sons of Odin MC series.  If you read Book 1, you’ll recognize the main characters … Tina is best friends with Lily and Vincent is Treasurer in the club that Lang was President of when he met Lily. Even though he’s a bad boy and she’s a smart mouth, they have such a sweet connection that I really enjoyed.  Can’t wait to see what J.T. gets up to in Book 3!

Tina Bethel is an up-and-coming attorney working long hours to move up in her firm.  She doesn’t take time out for much in the way of fun, but she’s more than willing to change that when she runs into Vincent again a few months after “the night that almost happened” after Lily and Lang’s wedding reception.  If only she could get this guy to agree to hitting the sheets with her!

Vincent Ramas has a long history of ugliness behind him … a couple of divorces under his belt, memories of war, club business he can’t talk about … and he just does not have it in him right now to take a chance on any sort of committed relationship.  Will he change his mind after spending more time with Tina?

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