** Book Review ** RANCH REFUGE by Virginia Vaughan

Ranch Refuge

4 1/2 STARS!

A book filled with lots of mystery with a backstory of friendship and forgiveness playing a big part in the plot.

ER nurse Laura Jackson is simply minding her own business when danger strikes and she’s in need of help!

Former Army ranger Colton Blackwell steps up to get Laura out of a dangerous plot, and whisks her away to his secluded ranch to keep her safe from the darkness lurking around her.  She’s not too willing to trust any man after the past she’s had with her father and the recent sticky situation he has gotten her into with his gambling debts to a dangerous loan shark, but she doesn’t have much in the way of options right now.

Colton soon has her trust as he keeps her safe again and again when something else is thrown at them, but when secrets from his past come out, will she be able to see him as the man he is now and not who he used to be?

ARC received via the Author

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