Book Review – RAVENSDALE’S DEFIANT CAPTIVE by Melanie Milburne



I enjoyed getting to know Holly & Julius!  Even though they each detested the other on sight, the chemistry that poured off of them when they were in the same room was electrifying!

Julius Ravensdale likes his privacy and likes to be left alone so he can bury himself in the work that he loves.  He agrees to bring Holly on board as a temporary helper to his housekeeper, but he’s not overly happy about it.

Holly Perez needs this job with Julius to avoid winding up somewhere she doesn’t want to go, but she comes in with a feisty, take no prisoners attitude because she’s not willing to roll over and be at any man’s beck and call.

Even though they rub each other the wrong way from the start, neither of them can seem to turn their back on the unusual attraction they are feeling at the same time.  Will they act on their desire?

** Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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