Book Review – REBEL LOVE by Jodi Linton



Sexy & exciting in a dirty world of drugs and murder.

Em Connors is the President of the Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club and is willing to do anything to get vengeance for her lovers murder 10 months ago.  Even sink to the murdering levels that surround her.  Even turn on the only “family” she has left.

Cade Jackson, Houston PD, is trying to find evidence to get justice for his partner’s death.  Going undercover into the same biker world that he was undercover with when he was murdered is the only way he’s going to find out who was behind his killing.  If he has to get close to the Motorcycle Princess, so be it.

It starts as a game of cat and mouse to see if he can meld into the club and get the info he needs … but the more Cade cozies up to Em, the more real it becomes.  When it all comes to a head, will Cade take down Em and her MC, or will he turn his back on the law to ride off into the sunset with her?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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