Book Review – RECKLESS by Kimberly Kincaid


4 1/2 STARS!

A great book about not letting life pass you by without enjoying every minute of it!

Firefighter Alex Donovan has pushed the limits one too many times, and he’s been removed from active duty and is being made to perform community service before he gets a meeting to see if he can keep his job.

The director of the soup kitchen he has been placed at, Zoe Westin, just happens to be the fire captain’s daughter, and she’s not happy that she’s been saddled with a helper that doesn’t take anything seriously.

Alex is good for Zoe, and during their time working together, helps her learn to loosen up a little and find ways to make the soup kitchen she desperately wants to succeed have a better chance.

When the captain finds out that his only daughter is now dating his most reckless firefighter, will he blow a gasket?  And will Zoe, who hates being scared about the danger of their job be able to hang in there with Alex once he’s back to running into burning buildings?

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