BOOK REVIEW – Relapse In Paradise – Roxanne Smith



A really fun read!  There’s sarcasm and sass, there’s loyalty and friendship, and along the way, there’s a romance in the making!

Emily Buzzly is recently divorced, and her has sent her on a trip to Honolulu to lick her wounds.  Once she arrives, she’s shocked to be met by what appears to be a beach bum, who says he’s her tour guide for the duration!

Boston is a transplant to the island, and works as a tour guide just to earn enough money to keep his soup kitchen running to feed the hungry on the island.  He left the real world years ago and found his calling on Oahu.

As he shows Emily around the island, they learn about each others lives and they set out to solve a mystery and help a friend.  Amidst all the crazy chaos, they are really enjoying each other’s company.  Can there be a future for this guy who loves to act like a bum and this corporate lady?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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