** Book Review ** REVEALING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

Revealing her SEAL


In Book 4 of the ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights series, Kat Cantrell is back to weave an intoxicating story about a wounded soldier who doesn’t feel like he deserves anything more than to just exist anymore.

Evan Silva is a strong, silent former SEAL who came back from war as a changed man. In his mind, he dug himself a hole to hide away from the world as he watches life pass him by.  He is there for his SEAL brothers, and they accept him just the way he is.

Sexy lawyer, Rachel Blume came to the Bahamas on vacation with her best friend, but ended up deciding to stay.  She’s working with the guys to try to save the island they run their adventure excursions to from being taken over by a big mogul around the area.  She has her eyes set on Evan and refuses to accept his silence as a road block!  Will she finally be what he needs to break down the barriers he erected around his heart and soul?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review – Author  **

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