** Book Review ** ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE by Marie Harte

Roadside Assistance

4 1/2 STARS!

Brawny,  dirty talking bad boy meets sassy, give as good as she gets tough girl … and mad chemistry ignites!  Loving this series by Marie Harte.  The guys in this garage are raunchy tough guys and I love it!

Foley Sanders doesn’t know what to think when sexy Cynthia Nichols comes in to Webster’s Garage and tells him what for!  He should be irritated that someone just copped such an attitude with him, but WOW, he just can’t get over what a gorgeous spitfire she is!

Cyn was having a bad day and that one more thing just pushed her over the top and she exploded.  She really shouldn’t have been so mean to Foley … but he’s just another man right?

Foley can’t put the enticing temptress out of his mind and decides he has to pursue her … but she’s not having it!

ARC received via NetGalley

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