Book Review – ROGUE by Laura Marie Altom


3 1/2 STARS!

Lots of excitement in this book.  We know from the beginning who the bad guys is, but there is a lot of suspense as we try to figure out if they are going to be able to get away from him or not.

Nash Adamson is a former Navy SEAL, who is trying to overcome some personal loss in his life when he gets a call from his high school girlfriend’s mother asking him for help.  Maisey has evidently gotten mixed up with a major drug lord and is in danger.

Maisey Blake fell for Vincente Rodriguez’s lines and thought he was her long awaited Prince Charming come to claim her at last.  Little did she know that he was already married when he married her after finding out she was pregnant with the child he is desperate for.

Will Nash be able to rescue Maisey from where Vincente is holding her hostage?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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