** Book Review ** ROOMMATING by Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase



A sweet and sassy story about coming home again, even if you hurt people when you left.

Heather Carver is moving home to Preston, Virginia to work with her Dad in his restoration business now that she’s finished school.  She’s excited about putting what she’s learned to good use, and to be close to her Dad again.  She’s not expecting the bomb her Dad drops on her though … if she wants to take over the business now that he’s wanting to retire, she has to agree to partner with the person he wants to do the manual side of things … the person that she has never forgiven.

Christopher Dole walked away from his Mentor and friend Tom Carver 3 years ago, and he’s regretted it more than he can say … he just couldn’t stay in town right then, whether it was right or wrong.  He’s happy to be back now … but he’s not so sure this partner plan of Tom’s is going to work … especially when he puts in the stipulation that they have to be roommates for 6 months first. What is he thinking??

ARC received via the Author

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