** Book Review ** SAYING YES TO THE BOSS by Andrea Laurence

Saying Yes to the Boss


Kicking off the new multi-author series Dynasties: The Newports, Andrea Laurence brings us the story of sexy Carson Newport!  I enjoyed the building of the characters and storyline and can’t wait to see what the future books in the series hold!

Successful real estate CEO Carson Newport wants to honor his mother by investing in a charity that was dear to her heart by building a children’s hospital.  They’ve been searching for the perfect piece of property for months now, and he’s thrilled when his PR director tells him she’s found it!

Georgia Adams is glad she got a tip on the property they needed, and sets out to help Carson make sure he can close the deal to get the hospital on it’s way to being built.  As they handle roadblocks going up around them, they stumble across family secrets, past indiscretions, and the possibility of big changes in the future.  Will the distractions be enough to make them keep fighting the attraction they feel for each other, or will they add another dynamic to their boss/employee relationship?

ARC received via the Author

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