** Book Review ** SCORCH by Dani Collins



In this 2nd book in the Firefighters of Montana series, it’s Dani Collins’s turn to take us deep into the life of one of the exciting smokejumper teammates in Glacier Creek.  She brings her characters to life and makes us fall in love right along with them as they take a journey through love, forgiveness, and carrying on. Great addition to the series!

Jacqui Edwards is returning home for the first time since losing her husband 6 months ago.  Her intent is to close up all her loose ends and complete a move to be closer to family, but the second she sees Glacier Creek again, a sense of home fills her heart.  She can’t leave this place.

Vincent Kingston is the only person Jac has stayed in touch with while she’s been away, so of course he’s the one there to pick her up from the airport.  He was her husbands best friend, has been taking care of their dog, and is in the process of buying her house.

There is an instant strange sort of attraction between the two of them when they embrace for the first time that has never been there before.  They’ve been friends for years … but this is something more.  As they lean on each other to get past the loss of Russ, will they allow themselves the chance to see what this fire is that’s starting to flare up between them?

ARC received via Author/VA

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