BOOK REVIEW – Second Chance Family – Leigh Duncan

Second Chance Family


A great second chance at love story that is well written and makes you feel immersed into the story as you read along.

Travis Oak is a Phys Ed teacher at Orange Blossom Elementary and happens to be the one close by to intervene when 10 year old Josh Smith gets himself into trouble.  Travis can see that the boy has had some hard times in the last year, so he goes to bat and makes a deal with the Principal to stop him from being expelled.

Courtney Smith is at her wits end with her son’s behavior, but has a big chip on her shoulder when baseball is brought into the mix of how to help him.  She only agrees to let him work with Coach Oak in Little League because she’s given no other option.

Travis is waiting on the call to go coach for the Minor Leagues.  It’s all he’s dreamed about since an injury took away his future hope of moving up from Minors to pitch for the Majors.  Now, he’s seeing that living the life he’s living isn’t half bad.  Will he decide to settle down and stay put … especially when he and Courtney start to show interest in each other?  And will Courtney be able to look past Travis’ dream and trust him or will she continue to let her past betrayals by her Major League former husband taint her?

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