BOOK REVIEW – Shadow Play – Iris Johansen

Shadow Play


The bones of a nine year old girl are found buried in a grave in the woods of Sonderville, CA.  Sheriff John Nalchek is determined to find answers and figure out an identity, so he contacts world famous forensic sculptor Eve Duncan for help.

Eve has alot of work to do, but because Sheriff Nalchek is really passionate about the case, she drops everything and gets started on the reconstruction of the skull right away.  She can’t help but think about her own daughter Bonnie, who was kidnapped and killed when she was only a couple of years younger than this girl had been.  After she fell apart and mourned the loss of her daughter, she picked herself up and went back to school to be a forensic sculptor so she could help solve crimes.

Reconstruction starts to move faster than it ever has before when Eve starts to hear the girl talk to her.  She tells her she thinks her name was Jenny, and Eve feels like she’s helping her race through discovering what her face looked like.  She’s almost done when the Sheriff calls to let her know they’ve had some issues and he thinks the killer may know she’s working on the case.  She finishes as quickly as she can, and ships the face of Jenny back to the Sheriff … only it gets stolen along the way.

Will they be able to recover the the skull and find out who she was, or will the killer get away with it forever?

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