BOOK REVIEW – Slater’s Leverage – Claudia Shelton

Slater's Leverage


Filled with intrigue and romance.  Keeps you guessing until the last few pages about who’s been behind all the happenings and trouble over the years.

Mackenzie Boudin and Josh Slater were a couple 10 years ago, until the day he just up and walked out on her with no explanation just after she had lost her parents in a plane crash.  For 10 years she’s pined for him wondering what she had done to send him away.  For 10 years he’s been secretly an operative for OPAQUE trying to find out who had ordered the hit on Mackie’s parents, and who had paid his Dad to tamper with the plane.

He left her because he didn’t want to hurt her and have her hate him when she found out her parents plane crash wasn’t an accident, and that he was the son of the man who made it happen.  He’s kept tabs on her through the years through his boss, her Uncle Drake, also the head of OPAQUE.

When a threat is put on Mackie, Josh is the one her uncle sends to protect her.  During their time together, they work on finding out the answers of who’s behind everything.  Will they be able to have a future once all the secrets are uncovered?

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