** Book Review ** SOPHIE’S PATH by Catherine Lanigan

Sophie's Path

4 1/2 STARS!

A sweet story about close-knit small town life, the sadness of guilt and most importantly about how helping someone else in even the smallest way could be the world to that other person.

Sophie Mattuchi is a great nurse and loved by many, but when a patient in the ER blames her for not doing enough to save his friend one night, it makes her second guess herself.  She knows she does a good job, but could she have done more?  She’s never cared this much about what a man thought about her before, and she’s not so sure she likes it!

Jack Carter knows in his heart that he’s being unfair to Sophie, but it’s almost like he needs someone else to share in the guilt he feels from that night.  The more times he runs into Sophie, the more he likes her and can’t pretend like he doesn’t.  She’s such a kind, caring person and helps everyone she can.

When Sophie and Jack admit to the attraction they feel for each other, will they be able to have a future or will that niggling of blame he still feels towards her always rear it’s ugly head and ruin things?

ARC received via the Author.

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