** Book Review ** STOCKYARD SNATCHING by Barb Han

Stockyard Snatching


A great start to the new Cattlemen Crime Club series by Barb Han!  It’s exciting from the first page as we try to figure out who is up to no good and why!

Recent transplant to Bluff, TX, Kate Williams is minding her own business heading in to work for the morning when someone attempts to snatch her adopted infant son from her arms!  She holds him off and lucks into Dallas O’Brien seeing what is happening and jumping in to save her and her baby.

Dallas takes her under his wing and off to the Sheriff’s office where they find out there’s something big going on and Kate and her son seem to be right in the middle of it.  He whisks them off to his ranch to keep them safe until they can figure out who is behind the attempted kidnapping and they try to unravel the web of lies surrounding the adoption … and figure out if it’s possible this is the possible son Dallas has been trying to track down!

ARC received via the Author

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