** Book Review ** SUGAR DADDY by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Daddy


A riveting tale of lust and revenge!

Sela Halstead was getting by.  Going to school, dragging herself through from one day to another, surviving.  That all changed when she caught a glimpse of a tattoo on an interviewee on TV one day.  She became embroiled with a new mission.  Alive again.  Empowered to make herself into what she thought she needed to be to accomplish her goal.  Her revenge.

With a goal of infiltrating millionaire Jonathon Townsend’s inner circle, Sela becomes one of the girls interested in using the The Sugar Bowl to further herself … to get closer to JT … to find out who his accomplices were that night … the night her innocence died.  She never expects to hit the stumbling block of Beckett North, who takes her breath away.

Beck is the tech side of his and JT’s partnership in The Sugar Bowl.  He’s living large and doesn’t commit to anything but business.  Until he meets Sela.  He’s drawn to her and pursues her, breaking his own rules of just one night.  As they pursue their attraction and develop feelings for one another, will she trust him with her secrets?


ARC received via NetGalley

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