** Book Review ** TAKE ME, COWBOY by Maisey Yates



A really sweet, fun & sexy story!  Best friends, both rough around the edges with their own walls up around their hearts, stumble backwards into a new aspect in their relationship. She’s feisty, he’s sexy … together they are magical!

Anna Brown has just stepped into a new business venture in her hometown of Copper Ridge, Oregon and now plans to attend a big charity function to make some new business contacts.  Her irritating older brothers bully her into making a silly bet … they swear she won’t be able to find herself a date to the party.  She’ll show them!

Chase McCormack is the sexiest bachelor in town and just so happens to be Anna’s best friend of 15 years.  If anyone can teach her how to turn a man’s eye, it has to be him!  Chase agrees to help her, but when he begins to see her in a different light, will he be able to resist her himself?

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