** Book Review ** TELL ME AGAIN by Michelle Major



A unique reunion story … first loves, best of friends, a twisted twin in the mix!

As a teen, Samantha Carlton grabbed the first chance she could to get out from under the weight of an ugly childhood and make something of herself.  She left behind her alcoholic mother, jealous sister and her first love … and has spent a lifetime feeling guilty!

Trevor Kincaid couldn’t bring himself to go with Sam when she asked, but he didn’t have a problem finding comfort in the arms of her twin sister!  Now Sam has come face to face with the niece she didn’t know existed, and Trevor has to accept that the past he’s tried his best to protect his daughter from is rearing it’s ugly head!

The old flame is reignited between Sam and Trevor, but will the past stay behind them or be the cause of them splitting once again?

ARC received via NetGalley/Author

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