BOOK REVIEW – Tempting the New Boss – Angela Claire

Tempting the New Boss


The time span of this book is small, as most of it revolves around a couple of days time, but it’s exciting!  Lots of steamy sex, and moments to pull at your heartstrings.  Socially awkward as he is, I really enjoyed Mason!

Camilla Anderson has just lost her job when she hears about one opening up to be the in-house lawyer for Talbot Inc. Even though she’s warned off by the previous lawyer that is quitting, she takes the position anyway because the pay will allow her to pay off her student debt quickly.

Mason Talbot is the quirky, reclusive CEO of Talbot Inc.  He’s achieved a lot to be as young as he is, but he doesn’t enjoy interacting with people much.  He has a strong attraction to Camilla when they are traveling to London for meetings, and decides to act on it and put his cards out on the table to her … very awkwardly!  She doesn’t know whether to spend her time yelling at him or kissing him, because she’s attracted to him too, but his lack of a filter in what he says infuriates her.

When their plane runs into the path of a strong storm, they are suddenly in for a rough ride.  Mason is a calm rock of strength and comforts Camilla as things are thrown from one side to the other throughout the cabin.  Will they make it through this storm or will they be crash landing?

**  Received free from NetGalley/Entangled to review  **

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