** Book Review ** TEXAS HUNT by Barb Han

Texas Hunt


In this third book in her Mason Ridge series, Barb Han continues to lead us through the mystery surrounding what’s been going on in this town for fifteen plus years.  They thought they caught the person who had been kidnapping kids, then more continued to happen that led them to another doorstep, and now we’re finding out secrets that have been buried and people willing to kill for them! Can’t wait to read the conclusion in Book 4!

Ryan Hunt has loved his childhood friend Lisa Moore for years, but she never seemed to reciprocate his feelings, so they remained just friends.  When she’s all of a sudden in a terrifying situation after being brutally attacked by a man who hurt her in the past, she only trusts Ryan and calls him for his help.

While trying to keep Lisa and her family safe, they stumbled across more and more info that implicates this man who attacked her, yet he keeps coming back trying again.  Will Ryan be able to keep her safe and finally bring this man to justice?

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