** Book Review ** TEXAS TAKEDOWN by Barb Han

Texas Takedown

4 1/2 STARS!

In Book #2 of her Mason Ridge series, Barb Han continues to weave a spell of intrigue around us!  We thought we had it figured out in Book #1, but now there are doubts about the culprit we saw brought down, and we have to start wondering and suspecting everyone around them again.  A great read filled with lots of excitement and mystery along with great comfort from the closeness of this group of friends and their extended back up of family and more!

Security expert, Dylan Jacobs is asked to look into the strange behavior and disappearance of childhood friend Samantha Turner.  He tracks her down and finds out that she’s convinced The Mason Ridge Abductor is still alive and is stalking her!

Trying to find answers is momentarily put on the back burner when his precious little daughter comes up missing.  Once they figure out that both things are intertwined, they set out to figure out who is playing games with them and get back his little girl!

Will they figure out who the bad guys really are and keep everyone safe?

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