** Book Review ** THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR by Jessica Lemmon

The Billionaire Bachelor


Great first book of a new series by Jessica Lemmon!  I was hooked quickly, and really enjoyed getting to watch Reese and Merina fall hard when they least expected it.  The characters were great, the plot was fun, and the chemistry was off the charts!  Looking forward to seeing the other Crane brothers in the rest of the series.

Reese Crane is a billionaire playboy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, but when his perceived reputation stands in the way of getting his legacy handed down to him, he won’t stand for it!

Merina Van Heusen can’t believe her parents have lost the boutique hotel that she adores!  She will do anything to get it back, even marry that ridiculously arrogant billionaire for 6 months!

Reese needs Merina to help him become dignified and settled in the board’s eyes, and he will use anything in his power to get his way.  They agree to a temporary marriage with the reason behind it remaining secret.  Once he gets his job, they will divorce and she will get her hotel.  Only neither of them take into consideration that they might actually fall for each other during all of their pretending!

ARC received via Publicist/NetGalley

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