** Book Review ** THE CLOSER HE GETS by Janice Kay Johnson



I really enjoyed this book!  You’re drawn into the history of their family turmoil from the very first page, and the added excitement of the crime that is witnessed makes it even better.  I’m really looking forward to the 2nd part of this series to see the rest of Bran’s story!

Zach Carter is returning home to Clear Creek after almost 25 years away.  The upcoming anniversary of his little sisters death has made him finally willing to face his past in hopes of getting some long wanted answers as to who killed her.  He re-connects with his estranged brother Brandon, and even though they chose opposite sides between their parents, they are happy to see each other and hesitantly agree to work together to get some answers.

While on patrol for his job with the police force, Zach witnesses a fatal beating by a fellow cop, and meets fellow witness Tess Granath.  They quickly realize they are going to come under fire for not agreeing when the officer gives excuses for what happened and Zach steps in to make sure she is kept safe through it all.  He has never been a committing type of guy, but he can’t help the attraction he is feeling for this woman.

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