** Book Review ** THE COURAGE TO LOVE HER ARMY DOC by Karin Baine



Two broken souls drifting through life until their hearts collide and allow them to heal each other.

Past demons and regrets have led Dr. Joe Braden to seek redemption by helping others who are less fortunate.  He’s currently on a remote Fijian island with an old army buddy providing medical services.  When Dr. Emily Clifford comes to visit and provide her services for a couple of weeks, he can’t resist the pull to get to know her.

Emily is fighting her own memories and demons and trying to find a way to move on with her life.  Seeing the simpler life in a remote culture like this is eye opening.  She enjoys getting to know the people and helping them with the medical care they have been lacking.  The added bonus of a smoking hot doctor working alongside her is nothing to complain about either … especially one that allows her to see her true beauty for the first time.

Can these two lost people find their place beside each other?  Will they be willing to bury their fear and take the chance on each other?

ARC received via the Author/VA

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