** Book Review ** THE DOCTOR’S FORBIDDEN FLING by Karin Baine

The Doctor's Forbidden Fling


A sexy doctor reunites with his childhood best friend/crush and sparks ignite!  A fun take on “the help falling for the royal” grabs our attention and takes us on a journey of redemption and everlasting love.

When Violet Dempsey is called home due to family illness, she makes the trek back to the royal life she left a dozen years ago.  Upon arriving, she runs into the boy she left behind all those years ago.

Cardiologist Nate Taylor never knew why Violet left, but it turned him cynical about love and thoughts of happily ever after when she basically threw his feelings back in his face by walking away without a word.  He’s risen above his upbringing as the son of the servants, and has done well for himself.

Fighting their attraction doesn’t work very well for the two of them, and when they discover they have a little surprise on the way, how will they decide to deal with it?  Will she decide to run for the hills again or will he convince her she’s worthy of the love he has always had for her?

ARC received from Author/VA.


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