** Book Review ** THE DOLLMAKER by Mary Burton



Eerily bone-chilling story!  With her latest book in The Forgotten Files series, Mary Burton takes us on a riveting delve into a psychopath’s mind as investigators try to put the puzzle pieces together in time to stop him from killing again!

A dozen years ago, Dakota Sharp suffered a personal tragedy that scarred him enough to put him on the path to law enforcement in order to help others.  He is a major workaholic, and when a case hits too close to his own past, he especially becomes obsessed with solving it, even to the detriment of his marriage.  Now his estranged wife is back … looking for a second chance.

Forensic pathologist Tessa McGowan tried walking away from the loneliness of her marriage to Dakota, but she found she missed him even more when she wasn’t with him.  Now she’s working side by side with him on his most recent case that has a maniac putting a beautiful woman on her exam table that he carved into his very own living doll!

When they figure out too many connections to be able to ignore that this is hitting close to home, and Tessa becomes next on the killers wishlist, will Dakota be able to figure out who is behind it in time to save her?

ARC received via NetGalley

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