** Book Review ** THE GHOSTWRITERS by Mickey J. Corrigan

The Ghostwriters

3 1/2 STARS!

A quirky, fast read … several surprises await you as you delve into this book, and after all is said and done, it left me feeling a bit cheated of a meaningful plot.

Jacy McMasters finds herself channeling a dead author to create a hopefully successful follow-up to his previous masterpiece.  JD Balinger helps her get past some of the abuse she has been putting her body through and makes her focus on actually getting words on paper for a change.

She meets a new guy … a nice guy for a change … and starts to date him.  She tries not to screw it up too much with her past behavior, but she can’t figure out what the truth is that he keeps hinting at that she revealed to him the night she met him while in a drunken stupor.

We stumble across the dark past of Jacy’s family life, and watch what she goes through to accept the reality of it all.

ARC received via Author/VA

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