** Book Review ** THE GOOD MOM by Cathryn Parry


4 1/2 STARS!

Cathryn Parry’s latest release is full of emotion!  A single mom who had a rough childhood, and fought demons of her own is determined to show her son a better life, and stresses over it a lot.  In the course of a new step in their life, she meets a man who needs the simple kindness that she brings to a situation, and in turn, he ends up being a great stepping stone in helping her son’s dreams progress, and in giving her a piece of herself back that she didn’t even realize she was missing.

Ashley LaValley has already fought and won a cancer battle with her young son, so helping him achieve his dream of becoming a doctor to help others seems like an easy road.  They uproot their lives and relocate to Boston where he’s won a scholarship to an exclusive prep school that will be a huge step forward towards his medical career.  When Brandon is on the verge of flunking out, she has to learn to lean on the help that is offered as a silver lining.

Dr. Aidan Lowe has recently returned from a stint in Afghanistan and is at about the lowest point in his life when he meets Ashley.  Her kindness touches him in a way he didn’t know he needed, so when an opportunity arises for him to help her and Brandon, he can’t turn his back on them.  When sparks fly, will Ashley let her own needs play a part in the picture for a change or will it continue to be all about her son?

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