** Book Review ** THE GROWING SEASON, PART 1: A TIME TO UPROOT by Leigh Duncan

The Growing Season Part 1


A heart-wrenching story of great loss and how each family member copes and moves forward.  Can’t wait to read the next two parts!

Ann, Joy and Chuck Maywood have just lost their mother after a hard fight with breast cancer.  They each dealt with the diagnosis and treatment differently, and now that they are coming together for the funeral, times are stressful.

Ann put her entire life on hold to move home and take care of her mother, and now when she should be able to move forward, she has nothing left but drama from both her sister and brother.  Her promising career fell apart when she couldn’t be there for assignments, her boyfriend moved on because she was no longer there, and she spent her savings to keep everything afloat while caring for her Mom.

Will these siblings be able to pick up the pieces and maintain any type of loving relationship with each other now that Maggie is gone?


**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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