BOOK REVIEW – The Heat is On – Katie Rose



I really loved taking another trip inside the New Jersey Sonics locker room to meet their newest catcher, Connor Jackson.  He’s sweet, sexy, and knows what he wants out of life.  Top of his list, is Tracy Coleman.

Tracy & Connor were college sweethearts.  He’s never forgotten the one he left behind.  He decided to put his everything into making his baseball career shine, and he succeeded, but he never forgot what he had given up for it.

Tracy went on to marry Jeremy Carter, but she never forgot her one true love.  Now she’s divorced with 4 kids, and just heard that Connor is coming back to town to play ball.

They run into each other at a game, and he gets her number and calls asking her out on a date.  Almost immediately its easy and fun to just hang out and be themselves again.  He makes her laugh, and the chemistry is still off the charts between them.  And when they touch, HOT, HOT, HOT!  She’s just forgotten to mention one little thing … well, really FOUR little things … her kids!

When he finds out how many strings she has attached to her these days, will Connor still want to reconnect with her?

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