** Book Review ** THE JOURNEY OF A GAMBLER’S WIFE by Bella Sharma

The Journey of a Gambler's Wife


This was a memoir/autobiography, which is a little different for me, but I enjoyed it and these are my thoughts …The book was written well for the most part, and she gave a good background prior to meeting her husband, and good detail of how she suffered afterwards. She went on to overcome the adversity she had lived and it inspired her to help others.  I think the biggest weakness for me as a reader was the lack of detail to what she suffered while with him.  We heard about all the things he stole and sold, etc. but when talking about the abuse she suffered, she bypassed it instead of disclosing it.  In my opinion, there could have been more people helped and inspired by the book if they could have seen themselves in her story and recognized it for what it was if they were in denial about their own abuse.

Bella Sharma married a man she thought she knew, only to be blindsided by his gambling addiction and the depths at which he was willing to lie, steal and leave them with nothing to feed his addiction.  This is her story of the turmoil her life became, and the choices she had to make.


**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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