** Book Review ** THE MARRIAGE HE MUST KEEP by Dani Collins

The Marriage He Must Keep


In this first side of a baby swap story, Dani Collins bring us a feisty take on an arranged marriage!  It starts with some good drama that we have to decipher to figure out how she wound up in the predicament she is in.  I enjoyed the main characters, but felt there were a few too many supporting characters that we didn’t hear much from other than a snarky line or two.  I liked the story and look forward to reading the 2nd side of the baby swap when I read Sorcha’s story.

Octavia Ferrante is in labor and desperately wanting her husband by her side.  He arrives later, just as she’s realizing something is not as it should be with her newborn son … this isn’t her baby!

Alessandro Ferrante isn’t sure if she’s just overwhelmed or if there is something more wrong with his wife.  Upon her insistence that something is wrong, they investigate and find that their son WAS swapped … and by a member of his family!

Octavia doesn’t want to forgive Sandro for how she feels she was treated during her pregnancy, but he persuades her with his intoxicating touch to give him another chance to show her that he cares. Will she regret giving in to him or will he turn over a new leaf and give her the type of marriage she wants?

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