** Book Review ** THE NURSE’S NEWBORN GIFT by Wendy S. Marcus



Such a touching story!  With her powerful voice, Wendy S. Marcus shared with us a journey to finding happiness again after a horrible heartbreak.  There’s deep sadness, unbelievable joy and a sexy hot connection to take our breath away as we share Krissy’s journey.  Really couldn’t put this book down!

As a young adult, Krissy Peniglatt promised her best friend that if he didn’t make it back from his Army stint overseas, that she would make sure his legacy continued on by having his baby via IVF. When the unthinkable happened and Jarrod didn’t make it home, Krissy worked hard to get herself established in a stable career and make sure she was mature enough to handle being a single mother, and then she kept her promise to Jarrod.

Jarrod left instructions that he wanted his other best friend, Spencer Penn, to be his baby’s godfather.  Once upon a time they were all great friends, until Spencer took a stance of disliking Krissy and drifting away.  Now when she comes to his door with a letter from his old friend, he can’t turn her away no matter how he feels.  As he sets out to honor Jarrod’s wishes and help her through the end of her pregnancy, will he be able to convince her that he really doesn’t dislike the new her that she’s become … and in reality, would love to be her baby daddy??


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