** Book Review ** THE PLAYBOY’S PROPOSAL by Ashlee Mallory

The Playboy's Proposal

4 1/2 STARS!

A fun, flirty read!  Nice interaction between the characters and a storyline you are routing for to have a happy ending as you read!

Dr. Benny Sorenson has had just about as much as she’s going to take out of her partying playboy of a neighbor!  Late night parties, parking dilemmas, she’s had it!

Ad exec Henry Ellison has a fun life of working hard, but partying harder and he enjoys the image he portrays, but when his neighbor comes knocking at his door, he’s intrigued by the feisty temper she displays!  He stumbles across info that she has a crush on a certain guy, so to appease her, he offers to teach her the fine art of flirting!

During the time they spend together giving her a make-over and teaching her how to act around a guy, Henry starts to second guess this whole plan.  It turns out Benny is a great gal, and he’s enjoying her a little too much himself now!

ARC received via NetGalley

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