Book Review – THREE REASONS TO WED by Helen Lacey



A heart-wrenching story filled with sadness for what was and what might have been, mixed in with the joy of those 3 little girls warming your heart and finding a new beginning.  Really good read!

Grady Parker is making it through life and giving his all to make his three little girls happy.  He’s not interested in anything more than them … until his late wife’s best friend moves in next door and attraction reawakens his body!

Marissa Ellis has had her own ups and downs in life and now has come back home to be closer to her Aunt, and to keep her promise to her best friend to love her daughters.

For years, Liz was the buffer between the tension between Grady and Marissa, but now that she’s not there will they be able to get along when she visits with the kids?  And when they both start to notice the other, will they fight their attraction or give in and enjoy it?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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