** Book Review ** TO WIN HER HEART by Mackenzie Crowne



So good!  If you haven’t started reading the Players Series yet, you need to!  This is Book Three, and they just keep getting better!  Max and Jessi are so sweet together … not to mention HOT! 🙂

Jessi Tucker is Country’s music’s “It Girl” and is getting really tired of being smothered by her family and friends with constant security following her every move.  She isn’t concerned in the least with the most recent stalker she has attracted and thinks it’s all just par for the course.  She decides to reach out to her cousin Tuck’s friend Max to get him to pretend to date her so she can get some freedom from the smothering.

Jessi and Max have each been pining after the other for years but he doesn’t think a dangerous man with a history and past like his could ever be good enough for her, so he refuses to give her the time of day.  Will he be able to resist her when they are in close quarters and putting on a fake relationship show?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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