Book Review – TO WIN HER TRUST by Mackenzie Crowne



*sigh*  My name is Lynn, and I’m addicted to Tuck!

I thought I fell in love with Jake in the first book of the Players Series TO WIN HER LOVE  …  it was great to see him and Gracie and the family again throughout this one …. but I was only infatuated with him.  My heart belongs to Tuck!

Great read!  Well written and draws many emotions out of you as you read it.  There is so much humor packed in with the seriousness … I spent at least half the book with a dumb smile on my face just hoping the people around me didn’t think I was crazy, but I couldn’t help it!  Tuck’s exaggerated ego & flirting combined with CC’s feisty sass and hilarious dog just did it for me.

CC Calhoun has lived most of her life in fear.  Fear of strangers, fear of crowds, fear of attention, etc.  She has vowed to herself to get out more and try to improve her life.

Kevin “Tuck” Tucker, handsome wide receiver for the Manhattan Marauders, happens upon CC and witnesses her going into one of her panic attacks, and decides to kiss her as a distraction.  It works!  CC is blown away that a kiss could actually make her breathe again and nip her attack in the bud.

CC decides to test the theory and see if it will work all the time, and Tuck volunteers to be her test subject.  Will their plan help heal her and let her have a better life again?  And will temporary go out the door when they enjoy the time they spend together?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **


  1. Aww I’m so happy you enjoyed Tuck and CC’s story. They were an absolute blast to write, and yeah, I was addicted to Tuck from the moment he arrived in book 1, but don’t tell anyone. 🙂 Thanks so much for the sweet review!

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