** Book Review ** TRIPLE SCORE by Regina Kyle

Triple Score


He’s cocky … she’s feisty … and together they ignite!  Such a fun read!  I smiled, I chuckled, I awwww’ed, and most of all, I devoured every word and lived their hook up right along with them!

Who would have thought a rehab center would be the it place in town to find romance?  Prima ballerina Noelle Nelson and hotshot pro baseball player Jace Monroe certainly didn’t go there looking, but they had fun warming up the sheets one they stumbled across each other!

Noelle is doing everything her physical therapist tells her to do in order to be able to get back to dancing as soon as possible.  She certainly doesn’t need any distractions, but she can’t resist sexy bad boy Jace Monroe when he arrives to rehab his elbow!

Will they get enough motion back to return to their careers?  And if they do, that’s across the country from each other … will their romance survive or was it just a temporary fling?

ARC received via Author

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