BOOK REVIEW – Triplets Under the Tree – Kat Cantrell

Triplets Under the Tree


So many surprise twists in this book!  I really enjoyed it!

Caitlyn Hopewell opens the door and is blown away!  Antonio Cavallari, father of her triplets and believed to be dead for the last year, is on her doorstep!

Caitlyn had agreed to be a surrogate for her sister Vanessa and her husband Antonio.  She was 4 months pregnant when they left on a trip to Thailand that they never returned from.  Their plane crashed and all were believed to be dead.  Caitlyn has been raising the babies as her own since their birth.

Antonio has no idea who he is.  He was found in the water in Indonesia by a fisherman and taken to a village to recuperate. A knock in the head has given him back a snippet of memory.  He remembered his house in Malibu, so he struggled to find his way there to see if someone could tell him who he was.

Once Caitlyn is convinced that it’s really Antionio, she starts to try to fill him in as much as she can on his previous life and integrate him back into his busy lifestyle as a billionaire MMA fighter, turned venue owner.

Will Antonio take the kids away from Caitlyn once he’s settled back into his life, or will they decide to raise them together.  And when he realizes that Caitlyn has feelings for him, will he decide to take a chance and act on his attraction?

**  Received free from Kat to review  **

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