** Book Review ** TRUE-BLUE COWBOY CHRISTMAS by Nicole Helm



With her latest in the Big Sky Cowboys series, Nicole Helm brings us a story filled with past heartache, new dreams and an adorable lil’ princess bringing the two together!  Great characters keep you hoping for a happily ever after to give them the future they deserve.

Summer Shaw is spending the time right before the holidays trying to find a place to fit in with her family.  She’s has a happy-go-lucky, people pleasing attitude, and wants to be needed.  When a precious little girl wanders up to her and thinks she’s a fairy princess, she just melts!

Thack Lane lost his wife years ago now, but he hasn’t moved on with his life.  He spends all of his time simply taking care of all his responsibilities and doesn’t even want more.  With the heartache he’s been through, he just expects that to be the life that he’s going to lead.  When his young daughter takes a shine to the quirky neighbor, he begrudgingly agrees to let them spend time together.  As Summer gives his daughter the bubbly atmosphere she’s been missing, Thack can’t help but admire the beautiful woman she is.  Will these two find the start of their happily ever after before the holidays even get here?

ARC received via NetGalley

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