** Book Review ** UNDER AN ADIRONDACK SKY by Karen Rock

Under an Adirondack Sky


In this heartfelt story, Karen Rock wraps a group of troubled teens deeply around our hearts!  She makes us see them as more than just problems and shows the deep respect and appreciation that can come from being shown kindness, respect and love.  A true gem of a book!

Aiden Walsh has his hands full!  He works more hours in the day than he should, always on the go, always flitting from one thing to another in order to get it all done.  He’s trying to take care of his family and their legacy in the only way he knows how, but it’s not enough … he can’t stop his little brother from getting into trouble.

Rebecca Day is the school psychologist and when expulsion is on the table for Aiden’s brother Connor, suggests a wilderness adventure through the Adirondacks with a group of teens and counselors from around the region as a way to get through to Connor and hopefully save his education … but Aiden accompanying him on the trip is mandatory.

They travel the ups and downs of trying to reach Connor and the other kids and make them better people along the way.  The attraction Aiden and Rebecca are trying to fight just keeps growing stronger.  When he can’t even make enough time in his schedule to give his brother the attention he needs, how can he fit a relationship into the mix?

ARC received via the Author.

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