** Book Review ** UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT by Kate Willoughby



These characters really worked their way into my heart.  Each one was a nice person in their own right, and I loved the connection between them from the first moment.  Great read!

Stage actress Christine Caspary seeks out Joe Rutherford via their agents to see if he will do her a favor for a sick kid she worked with via Grant A Wish previously.

The minute Joe heard her name from his agent, he knew who she was.  His hockey team had seen her in Chicago on Broadway, and he was so enchanted by her that he went back to see it a second time by himself.  He was happy to help her put together a surprise for a sick friend.

While discussing the charity work, they really enjoyed each others company and decided to continue to grab some time together when they could.  With his busy hockey schedule and her busy theater life plus her potential TV show coming up, they didn’t manage to squeeze in much time.  Will they be able to make a relationship work or is it just wishful thinking on both their parts?

** Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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