BOOK REVIEW – Undercover Justice – Misty Evans / Adrienne Giordano



A quick, sassy read.  The chemistry between Mitch & Caroline makes the book!  They are fun and sexy together.

Caroline Foster is on her way to Vegas to take part in a bachelor dating reality show.  Her boyfriend Mitch Monroe is along for the ride.

Members of the Justice Team, an off-the-books operation filled with former FBI agents among others, they are trying to locate the missing daughter of a US Senator who was a contestant on the reality show and suddenly went missing after partying with some of the bachelors.  Caroline is going in undercover and Mitch is along as her back-up … until he sees the get-up they have her in and finagles himself onto the show as well.

Will Mitch be able to keep himself in check as he watches man after man paw all over Caroline?  Will they be able to track down the missing girl before it’s too late?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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